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  ACTMD - Association Canadienne des thérapeutes en Médecines Douces
CATCM - Canadian Association of Therapists in Complementary Medicine

ACDM - Association Canadienne des Massothérapeutes  et Autres thérapeutes en Médecines Alternatives

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We offer two simple methods to forward your documents when applying for membership:

  1. by regular mail (attach all documents requested - see page 2 of the application form)


Membership forms
In order to proceed at the opening of your file, simply print , fill in and sign the  form below.

Forward by mail to ACTMD office with the required documents.

Membership for student

Membership general

Membership for hypnosis practitioner and NLP Master


24 benefits of being a member

Practical evaluation procedures

Membership cost
Training requirement




It is understood that:

  • Candidates must meet the standards required by the ACTMD and hold diplomas.
  • Respect the code of ethics
  • Master one of the two (2) official languages in Canada, either French or English
  • Demonstrate a balanced personality.
  • If necessary, pass a practical evaluation proving the competency of the candidate and the validity of the documents presented.
  • Hold a DES or equivalent or have experience deemed relevant

Membership for student
NB: Please note that the student form only allows you to be a temporary student member for a maximum of one (1) year. If you wish to practice a profession and issue receipts, you must complete the General Membership form (assuming you already have a diploma to do so).

Membership general

Membership for hypnosis practitioner and NLP Master

Always listening to our members we have decided to make the payment of the annual fee more flexible.   You can now pay your dues in four different ways.

A single payment of $168 by credit card, bank transfer, cheque or money order.

We look forward to having you with us


  • The membership cost is $175, payable in total with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
  • In order to open your file ($40)
    Refundable if your academic file is not accepted.
  • If your school is not in our recommended school list, you need to add $75 for  your practical evaluation 
  • Proof of registration in a course at an accredited school.


  • Active Member $175 (1 year) $25 rebate for 2 years cotisation
  • Inactive Member $40
  • Student Member Free
  • Support Member $50

File opening:   $40
The fees for the opening of your file are valid for one year. After this delay, if you did not become a member, you will have to pay anew the fees in order to keep your file active.


You must forward copies of :

  • Application form
  • Copy of diploma and academic transcript
  • Copy of birth certificate or valid passport
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or Canadian residency (if necessary)
  • Proof of valid work permit (if necessary)
  • One picture - passport format
  • Copy of resume

However, ACTMD reserves the right to require a practical evaluation  to be taken if we feel more credibility is needed after studying your file.


  • A discount on the next renewal membership fee will be offered to every member who will refer a person. As soon as the adhesion will be ratified, the referring member will receive a $30 certificate on his next renewal.

** This price scale can change without notice






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