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What is Reiki?
Reiki ( prononced Ray-Key ) is an ancient Tibetan healing art. " Rei" means universal, and the spiritual dimension for the soul or " Ki" means life force energy which flows through all that is alive. It is the energy which animates us. Reiki expresses a concept of unconditional love and is applicable to all purposes, situations, and/or conditions.

The origin of Reiki can be traced back more than 2500 years to the ancient Tibetan Sutras. Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered the technique in the late 1800's after a lifetime of scarch for its origin. Hawayo Takata, the first female Reilki Master, brought this gift of healing to the United States during World War ll. She trained 22 Reiki Masters who continue the lineage.

*Reiki eases pain, relaxes tense muscles, reduces stress, relieve anxiety, speeds the healing process and calms the emotions.
*Reiki can be used in conjunction with medical treatment. It will not interfere with medications or procedures, other than to make them more effective and the patient more comfortable.
*Reiki is non-manipulative of the tissues. Healing energy is given by simple hand placement over body systems while the client  is fully clothed.
*Reiki restores harmony to the body by releasing stagnant energy blocks at the physical, emotional, memtal or spiritual levels.
*Reiki improves physical health, increases vitality and renews the spirit.
*Reiki has been described as Gods love in the purest form, complete and unconditional.
*Reiki healing sessions are 45-90 minutes.
*Some clients feel heat, tingling or vibration. Most experience deep relaxation.

How Reiki works:
We can all relate to the feeling of low energy/depletion that occur when we are recovering from illness, anxiety, or grief. A Reiki treatment is similar to jump-starting our car. When we don't have quite enough energy in reserve, we add more. Reiki as a means of adding energy to our " life force" battery to help " jump start" the healing process.

As humans, we tend to view ourselfves from a purely physical perspective. We think, feel, act and react from a physical awareness... but we are more. We simultaneously operate from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension as well. We can begin to understand how these subtle nonn-physical dimension interact and effect our overall healt patterns through the experience of Reiki. From the state of deep relaxation and restored balance experienced in a session, we are given the oppotunity to support our bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Do I need it?
Reiki is universal and applicable to all purposes, conditions and situations. It facilitates healing of the mind, body, emotions and spirits. When all theses levels of our body are relaxed and clear, we feel balanced and centered. It is from this state of calmness that we create an open link to our intuitive self, thus awaking to new choices for renewed healt and well-being.

Reiki precepts
Reiki energy belongs to the universe and follos two simples precepts:
*You must ask for the healing/balancing.
*There must be and exchange of energy for services of the practitioner, not for the healing.

Reiki is not a cure-all and does not replace the need for professional care. It does enhance standard medical practices and provides you a simple, powerfull tool to maintain health and promote relaxation.

Reiki is not a religion. It requires no particular belief system to work. It is simply an ancient healing art which utilizes the intelligent life force of nature. 





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